February 2022 – Is Epayments playing dirty? Or who needs it?

Well, I have to return to the topic of Epayments again 🙂 The other day I received an email from www.sme-news.co.uk with the following topic: Epayments’s Nomination – UK Enterprise Awards 2022

The letter was sent to info@epaymentsreviews.com (probably by mistake).

That is, this wonderful company can be nominated for the 6th annual UK Enterprise Awards 2022!

To be honest, I have already begun to forget about the sad past associated with ePayments. But this letter refreshed my memories. And I decided to see what is happening now (in 2022), as well as what is happening with my blog site.

So … February 2022. I enter in the search (Google and Yandex) a query that this blog can answer as relevant as possible – “ePayments reviews”. And I see that the blog is not in the search results. The first thing I do is go to Ahrefs.com and… what do I see? 🙂 Dozens of backlinks with keywords (anchors) on forbidden topics!

Is Epayments playing a dirty game? Or who uses black SEO methods so that this resource (a review site with a detailed description of the REAL experience of cooperation with the payment system “Epayments”) cannot be found either in Google or Yandex? Who else might need it?

Of course, I have no evidence that this is the work of Epayments, but personally I think so. Because I can’t find a single reason for anyone else to want to eliminate this blog (which does not compete with anyone and does not even use ads, but simply describes my personal experience!).

Let’s sum it up! If you were planning to start working with the ePayments payment system again, then think again…